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Worth it's salt?

When it comes to Himalayan Salt there is a lot of fluff to sort through from the claims about lamps to consuming the stuff. Personally I use it all the time in food but that's mostly to avoid micro plastics in sea salt as well as artificially iodized table salt. So lets start there...

Himalayan salt contains a plethora of minerals that the body needs in quantities that though slightly varied are rich enough to give you a healthy dose with an equally healthy consumption of salt. Now that works differently for each and every person and has a lot to do with your ancestry so how much you consume or rather how much is "healthy" for you to consume is up to you and your physician.

Now as for the lamps I've heard tales of false advertising on part of the lamps being from the Himalayas but what does that have to do with how a salt lamp works? The answer is very little. Salt is hydrophobic (it attracts water molecules) and so it drags a bit of dirt, dust, and other debris including bacteria towards the lamp. Ya you wont be licking that lamp ever again will ya! As long as the lamp is turned on with a proper bulb (never LED) then it will be warm and the water will evaporate off of the lamp carrying with it a little salt which is actually great for the lungs and has been found to protect from disease and infection. As for the Himalayan part the "pink" color helps the light produced to not interfere with circadian rhythms (your sleep cycle). And what about those negative ions everyone keeps spouting about? Well they do help to reduce stress however the lamp doesn't really produce all that much but they do help to balance out all the positive ions (not so healthy) that all of your electronics are producing constantly. For a powerful ionic experience you will need a non-ozone negative ion generator or you can take a stroll down a green trail leading to a waterfall!

That's the gist of it folks. On a side note I do not have any related college degrees and these statements have not been evaluated by licensed or otherwise appropriate individuals... That being said I've been selling Himalayan salt for years. Feel free to fact check and if you have further questions shoot us an email!

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