Shungite Cell Phone Shield

Shungite Cell Phone Shield

SKU: ShungiteCPS-8/18/2019

Crystal System: Amorphous with fullerenes

Chemistry: C79 contains virtually the whole periodic table

Hardness: 3-4

Source: Russia (Karelia)


A carbon element that dates back at least two billion years, old enough to predate organic life on Earth. Some scientists suggest that shungite contains nearly the entire periodic table of elements. It has a phenomenal shielding power that comes from its unique molecular fullerene structure. It protects from harmful effects of electronics and has a stimulating effect on the physical being making it an excellent stone for daily carry. It also has a number of other benefits including stress relief, helps with sleep and headaches, as well as aiding treatment of common colds!


To apply your cell hone shield simply peel of the plastic from the sticky side and then carefully position and place the shungite to your phone, laptop, or other electronic device!